Natural Therapies

What are our Natural Therapies?

Quantum healing

Usui Shiki Ryoho is the Usui Reiki system of natural healing that although is the basis of all healings I offer, my approach is more expansive to include sound healing, light language, acupressure and native American style drumming.

We are all responsible to continually develop our awareness of our expanding consciousness to live harmonious and peaceful lives to our highest potential as co-creators. Quantum healings work with your energetic or vibrational fields at cellular level to support this and with this brings more expansiveness and inner knowingness on a non physical level

Kerri is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is a professional member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and holds a recognized Mikao Usui lineage. She also has certificate level 1 in Light language and Acupressure which she incorporates in her healings along with various sound healing tools and native American style drumming.



Spiritual, nature and art therapy workshops

Imagine using natural resources as part of a wide range of therapeutic arts to work on uncovering our innate spiritual essence – or quantum Light? Learn how to work with energy and frequencies through meditation, nature and the creative Arts. These group workshops go through the seven major chakras as well as visualizations, self and planetary healings as you navigate your way through the power of thought, words and their frequency that ultimately create our reality, and this is all done through your intuition, mother earth and the Arts as the foundation.