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Helping work through some of life’s most difficult challenges

Using the creative arts as tools for self-discovery

Healing Through Arts was founded in 2017 and is a growing community service offering Art Therapy from qualified Arts Psychotherapists. We also provide Therapeutic Arts workshops, corporate workshops and community social programs.

We also offer spiritual coaching, quantum based healing and natural healing modalities which all support with spiritual awakening.

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We support children, youth and adults to safely and creatively explore hidden meanings behind their thought and belief patterns to gain a deeper understanding to generate positive life changes.

Any person can engage in Art Therapy as you don’t have to have any art experience, skill or techniques. The only requirement is the willingness to have a curious imagination, an interest in the Arts and explore an unfamiliar story.

Our 1-1 sessions, group programs and workshops are face to face at our office and community locations as well as online Therapies. We also travel to Regional areas across S.A. and facilitate Therapeutic programs


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